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  • Are users staying away from your cluster because they don’t know how to submit their jobs?
  • Do they have trouble understanding how to use the command line?
  • Is your cluster not being used to its full capacity because of this?
  • What if there was a way to simplify this process?

Introducing eQUEUE, an intuitive web-based front-end job submission tool that automates job scripts to make high performance computing (HPC) clusters accessible to those without specialized HPC training.

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Ease of use Designed to increase cluster usage by simplifying job submissions.
Automated job submission

Fewer input errors as submitting jobs is as easy as clicking a few buttons, which also increases cluster efficiency.

Admin friendly Easy to install; no end-user training is necessary; no plug-ins or special software required.
User friendly Access cluster from any web browser.
Institution friendly Increase cluster utilization to foster widespread adoption across more departments.
Access to files in home directory Access and download files directly from your home directory.
Job management Easily see what jobs have been run; how long they took; and the amount of resources used.
Remote visualizaton Remotely access interactive GUI applications; perfect for visualizing large complex datasets.

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