Advanced Clustering’s Pinnacle Flex system

It’s the natural evolution from our unique Pinnacle compute blade to our newest server model: the Pinnacle Flex! Designed with performance, efficiency, flexibility and upgradeability in mind, the Flex gives you multiple configuration options to meet your most demanding computing needs.

With the Flex solution, you can pick the Flex nodes that best match your high performance computing requirements.  In 2U of space, we offer four slots that can be filled with four of our standard, one-slot, dual-processor nodes; two of our standard nodes along with the newest two-slot Flex node; or even two of the two-slot Flex nodes.

Pinnacle Flex: the perfect HPC compute node.

Features and benefits

Space Savings

Up to 4 complete systems in only 2U of rack space.


Supports either Xeon Phi coprocessors or GPUs. Mix and match AMD and Intel in the same enclosure.


Supports both high-capacity hard drives and high-performance solid state disks (SSDs).


Each compute blade is modular, removable and tool-less.

High Availability

Each blade is independent, with no impact on other nodes.


All Flex blades come equipped with a management engine that supports IPMI and iKVM.

Pinnacle Flex Models


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