GPU & Phi systems

Servers with accelerators

Are your general purpose CPUs not fast enough? Is your code ported to CUDA and ready to run on the latest GPU? Does the x86 nature of the Xeon Phi have you interested? Advanced Clustering offers systems for all of these major GPUs, coprocessors and even FPGAs.

If you need just one accelerator per system, our Pinnacle Flex blade is a perfect choice. If that’s not enough, we offer systems with one, two, four or even eight accelerators per server. If you don’t see a configuration you’re looking for in the selections below, send us a custom configuration request, and we can design and build a system that’s perfect for you.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors and Coprocessors enable you to modernize your code today to take full advantage of the compute power of tomorrow.

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  • GPU or Coprocessors

    Systems that support the latest NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, Intel Xeon Phis or FPGAs.

  • Flexible options

    Available with 1, 2, 4 or even 8 accelerators per server.

  • Mix and match

    Mix and match Xeon Phis or GPUs in the same machine.

  • Built for performance

    Attention to detail on all aspects of performance including CPU, memory, PCIe bus and more.

Server models that support GPU and Phi


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