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Cluster education overview

altWhen you purchase an Apex HPC cluster, you might wonder, "How powerful are the machines going to be?" Although the compute nodes play an important role in the way your machine functions, other pieces of your cluster also play an integral part in a top-notch system.

Our Cluster Education pages help explain what you can integrate into a cluster, physical requirements to consider, and much more. Let us know if you need additional information.

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Have an existing Advanced Clustering Apex HPC compute cluster and need some help? Check out our online knowledgebase or submit a support ticket through this website.


Customer testimonial

"Many thanks for generating the support ticket. Billy gave me an email that documented what I have been trying to explain to people here... I cannot tell you how priceless that addition was since I advised we needed something different.  Thanks for all your help!!!" -- Brian F. at NASA Glenn Research Center

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