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NameBootimage (includes breakin) v3 for x86_64 - bootable ISO
DescriptionVersion 3.9 - Includes bug fixes for newer hardware. Based on Linux(tm) kernel version 3.3.4, breakin loads all cores of your multi-core system with full work-loads and up to 95% of the memory with activity in order to uncover hardware issues. This tool can be used to diagnose: power supply shortcomings (or a practical maximum power consumption rate), memory errors introduced by faulty manufacturing, and motherboard flaws. This download contains an ISO suitable for burning to create a bootable CD-ROM.
Filesize28.38 MB
Filetypeiso (Mime Type: application/x-cd-image)
Created On: 05/07/2012 00:00
Last updated on 06/18/2014 21:13
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