AMD Opteron 6300 series CPU

We’re pleased to be able to integrate the latest “Abu Dhabi” architecture AMD Opteron 6300-series CPUs into our Pinnacle servers, Horizon workstations and high performance computing (HPC) clusters.

The Opteron 6300 offers a compelling price/performance ratio compared to alternative technologies and is available with high core counts, up to 16 cores per CPU. This series is built using the unique piledriver module, which contains two dedicated integer cores and a shared floating point unit capable of 256-bit operations. Multiple modules can be combined to create the larger-core-count CPUs. This modular architecture offers flexibility in number of cores, cache sizes, power draw and CPU frequency.

  • Up to 16 cores

    Available in 8-, 12- and 16-core models.

  • Quad channel memory

    Quad-channel memory controller per CPU socket that supports the latest 1866MHz DDR3 memory.

  • Multi-socket options

    Available in glue-less 1-, 2- or 4-socket systems.

Systems featuring AMD Opteron CPUs


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