Why Buy from Advanced Clustering?

Superior Service

Say "goodbye" to bad service, bad advice, and bad hardware and say "hello!" to superior service, expert advice, and rock-solid hardware.


Advanced Clustering Technologies was founded with the sole purpose of selling only high performance computing systems including clusters, Linux-based servers and workstations, and accelerator-based solutions.

Don't be fooled: Many white-box desktop vendors have attempted to add cluster-building to their offerings, only to turn out low-quality, non-turn-key systems, or they have produced high-maintenance Linux servers and workstations that frustrate and disappoint their clients.

In business since 2001, Advanced Clustering delivers everything from institutional-sized clusters to department-sized clusters to even smaller solutions that meet specialized client needs. Hundreds of organizations throughout the United States and Canada have purchased our Apex Clusters, helping establish us as a leader in building High-Performance Compute Clusters.

Our Commitment to You

Satisfaction. We want you to feel confident that you purchased the best product for your budget, which is why we take the time to make sure you find the solution that fits your specialized needs. After a purchase order is issued, we review your final configuration requests to make sure your cluster, server, or workstation arrives fully turn-key and without needing a bunch of changes or modifications. If there is a service issue, we will resolve it quickly. If you have questions, we will give you fast answers.

"I've *never* had such consistent high-quality support and service from any other company. You guys are fantastic! You rock!" -- Daniel R. at SAIC


We test your system, and then we test it some more. We don't buy the cheapest components — for clusters, that simply won't work. You cannot expect machines built with substandard components that run 24x7 at 100% utilization to have a long life span. We have a few select manufacturers that we trust and rely on to deliver high-quality, reliable components.

"I have found Advanced Clustering to be a good source for integrated Linux systems. Service has been great and extremely knowledgeable. We are using the systems for Web services and databases. It is desirable from our IT management perspective to deal with one reliable source. We can call and get immediate answers to our questions. We always get configurations that we can trust and will work under Linux. (Dealing with a Dell, Gateway or HP takes much more time and frustration.)"  — Phil N. at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


We focus on Linux systems and clusters, so we know Linux inside and out and only build systems with hardware that is truly Linux compatible. We avoid binary drivers and non-GPL'd code whenever possible. When no good software is available, we make it ourselves. Check out our software section to find out about our innovative offerings. When possible, we make our software freely available under an open license.

"By the way, Jason has been a great help. The testing would not have happened without him. Not only did he install MPI for me but emacs as well. He deserves a raise. Thanks again for all you have done. " — Buff M. at SAIC


Other providers might tell you what you want to hear and not provide you with what you need. We listen to your requirements, and then we will find the best solution that fits your criteria. Your system will be custom configured to your exact specifications. If you ever have questions or concerns about your cluster, you can speak directly with the team that created it for you.

"Many thanks for generating the support ticket. Billy gave me an email that documented what I have been trying to explain to people here. It helped further when he noted that you don't have many requests for this. I cannot tell you how priceless that addition was since I advised we needed something different.  Thanks for all your help!!!" — Brian F. at NASA Glenn Research Center


Contact Info
Toll-free: 866-802-8222 International: 913-643-0300 Email: info, sales, support