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Thank you for your purchase! This page will provide a quick overview of how to unpack your system and move it into it's final location.

Weight warning

WARNING: The components of an Apex Cluster can be very heavy. Some pre-assembled clusters are over 2000 lbs. Great care must be used when unpacking and/or moving a cluster or any of its components.

First, check for shipping damage

Despite all attempts at safe and secure packaging, occasionally some packages get damaged during shipping.

Any suspected shipping damage MUST be reported WITHIN 48 HOURS. After 48 HOURS we will be unable to file any claims with the carrier or the insurer.

Unpacking your cluster

Unpacking a rack will require a minimum of two people. Do not attempt to unpack a rack alone.

The following tools will be used:

  • Box cutter
  • 1/2" wrench or socket

Video tutorial

Below you'll find a short 3 minute unpacking instruction video.

Detailed instructions

Fully assembled Apex Clusters are shipped on shock pallets. These pallets have a layer of shock absorbing foam built in to protect the rack, and its contents, from shock and vibration. Also included are ramps to remove the rack from the pallet. If the ramps are missing do not attempt to remove the rack from the pallet by other means; Immediately contact Advanced Clustering to obtain replacement ramps.

  • Using the box cutter, carefully cut the plastic stretch wrap and remove it from the rack.
  • The ramps are covered in plain cardboard. Remove them from the side of the rack and remove the cardboard.
  • Locate the holes on the top surface of the pallet and place the metal tabs of the ramps in to holes. The ramps must be fully inserting and align flush with the top of the pallet.
  • There are brackets located along the bottom edge of the rack on the front and back sides. Use the 1/2" wrench or socket to remove the bolts and brackets. Retain these bolts and brackets.
  • Do not push the rack from the top, it can tip over! Slowly roll the rack toward the ramps taking care to line the casters up in the middle of the ramp.
  • Carefully roll the rack down the ramps.


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