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Thank you for your purchase! This page will provide a quick overview of how to unpack your Flexible Storage System (FSS) and install it into a rack.

Weight warning

WARNING: The FSS weighs 95 lbs. Installation will require at least two people to safely lift, move, and place the Storage System into a rack.

Check for shipping damage

Despite all attempts at safe and secure packaging, occasionally some packages get damaged during shipping.

Any suspected shipping damage MUST be reported WITHIN 48 HOURS. After 48 HOURS we will be unable to file any claims with the carrier or the insurer.

Unpacking your Flexible Storage System

Unpacking and placing your FSS into a rack will require at least two people.

The following tools will be used:

  • Box knife
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Caged nut insertion tool (Optional. Comes in the accessory bag of a rack).

Video Tutorial

Below you'll find a short video demonstrating unpacking and installing a FSS.


  • Using the box knife, open the box containing the FSS
  • Remove the small box inside; this box contains the mounting hardware and power cables
  • Insert the caged nuts in the appropriate locations in your rack. Refer to the video for an example of caged nut placement
  • With at least two people remove the FSS from it's box and place it on a sturdy work surface.
  • Remove the two screws that hold the rails in place on the FSS. Retain these screws as they will be needed if the FSS is ever shipped
  • Slide the rail back, press the release tab, and remove the rail.
  • Attach the rear rail ears to the rail. Leave the screws slightly loose to allow for adjustment to the rack
  • With assistance, install the rail into the rack. Once adjusted, tighten the screws holding the rear rail ear.
  • Extend the slide on both sides of the FSS.
  • With at least one other person lift the FSS and guide the slides into the rails.
  • Gently slide the FSS fully into the rack
  • Secure the front of the FSS with the screws and plastic washers
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