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Submitting jobs
  • Are users staying away because they find it too difficult to submit jobs?
  • eQUEUE makes it easy to run jobs on your cluster. Users no longer need to understand complex job schedulers, the Linux command line, shell scripting, etc.
  • Administrators create forms using a simple INI format for applications on the cluster (see sample below).
  • Users pick the application they wish to run, answer a few questions, and the job is now submitted to the cluster. All with only their web browser.
    • eQUEUE utilizes your existing scheduler, nothing new to setup or configure (supports both Torque and GridEngine / Open Grid Scheduler)
    • All existing scheduling rules and permissions will still apply. Jobs submitted through eQUEUE act no differently than jobs submitted on the command line.
  • eQUEUE's easy to use forms virtually eliminate any user error when submitting jobs. Creating happy users and a better utilized system.


graph 1a