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It's a Small (45 nm) World
Thursday, 13 November 2008 16:31

Today, AMD released the newest revision of it's quad-core Opterons processors. These new processors, codenamed Shanghai, mark AMD's first product to be built with a 45 nm fabrication process.

The Shanghai processors bring some updates to the older Barcelona products. First, the L3 cache size has been increased to 6 MB and the on-chip memory controller has been upgraded to support 800 MHz DDR2 DIMMs which increase memory bandwidth up to 17%.

The biggest benefits of Shanghai are due to the new fabrication process. With a smaller component size a processor takes less and power and generates less heat. Comparing a Shanghai equipped server and a Barcelona equipped at the same price point shows the Shanghai server using nearly 20% less power. In these example systems the Shanghai CPUs are 200 MHz (0.2 GHz) faster than the comparatively priced Barcelona processor.

The Shanghai processors increase the value of AMD's platform. first, by providing considerable performance increases at the same price level of previous Barcelona systems. Second, the power efficiency increases afforded by the new fabrication process can dramatically cut energy and air conditioning costs.

Please see our Pinnacle AMD Servers page for full specifications and available options for
Shanghai equipped servers.


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