Cluster Interconnects

Gigabit Ethernet

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Gigabit has never been more affordable. Every Pinnacle Server comes standard with at least 1Gb adapter onboard. Today most switches are wire speed to every port, and many support jumbo frames. Switch configurations come in every size, from 4 ports to hundreds. Switches up to 48 ports are extremely affordable and most have uplinks that allow them to expand for additional nodes. To help conserve rack space, switches 48 ports and less come in a convenient 1U form factor.

Depending on your job, gigabit may be the perfect solution. With a standard gigabit switch, you can expect 1Gb/sec bi-directionally and 30µs latency. If you require high bandwidth or low latency, a high-speed interconnect might be a better solution for your cluster. Ask us about testing your code using one of our Apex HPC clusters. We have most interconnects on hand for you to test to help you find the best solution for your particular code.

10Gb Ethernet

When the job you are running is parallel and can be split up over the multiple CPUs in your cluster, having something faster than a gigabit network is key to efficiency. Not only does 10Gb provide the necessary bandwidth and I/O throughput important in today's world of multi-core servers, but the familiarily of Ethernet protocols makes this a logical evolution from 1Gb.  And then you combine the over 30% decrease in latency from gigabit with decreasing costs per port and the ubiquity of storage over Ethernet, Advanced Clustering can equip their Pinnacle Servers with integrated 10Gb NICs to meet your advanced computing and storage needs.


cx3 cardWhile 10Gb offers a considerable performance boost over standard gigabit Ethernet, often times - and with the deployment of multiple, multi-core processors in server and storage systems becoming more pervasive - overall platform efficiency and CPU and memory utilization depend increasingly on interconnect bandwidth and latency. And this is where InfiniBand enters the conversaton.  For optimal performance, platforms with several multi-core processors can require interconnect bandwidth of more than 10Gb/s or even 20Gb/s, and the necessary reductions in latency you would expect from the increased bandwidth.  Our complete line of Quad Data Rate (QDR or 40Gb/s) and Fourteen Data Rate (FDR or 56Gb/s) solutions provide you with the tools to easily handle your most demanding computational and storage needs.

Advanced Clustering offers a full line of InfiniBand equipment — from HCA adapters integrated onto motherboards as well as add-in cards, to switches, to cables, and a full suite of installation services. Check out our InfiniBand products to help take your cluster to the next level of performance.


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"I have found Advanced Clustering to be a good source for integrated Linux systems. Service has been great and extremely knowledgeable... We can call and get immediate answers to our questions."  --Phil N. at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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