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MPI Over InfiniBand

To take full advantage of InfiniBand, an MPI implementation with native InfiniBand support should be used. Supported MPI Types MVAPICH2, MVAPICH, and Open MPI support InfiniBand directly. Intel MPI supports InfiniBand through and abstraction layer called DAPL. Take note that DAPL adds an extra step in the communication process and therefore has increased latency and […]

InfiniBand Port States

The status for your InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) can be found using the ‘ibstat’ command. # ibstat CA ‘mlx4_0’ CA type: MT4099 Number of ports: 1 Firmware version: 2.10.0 Hardware version: 0 Node GUID: 0x0002c9030031fdc0 System image GUID: 0x0002c9030031fdc3 Port 1: State: Active Physical state: LinkUp Rate: 40 Base lid: 1 LMC: 0 SM […]

Unpacking Your Cluster Hardware

Watch our instructional video on unpacking your HPC cluster from Advanced Clustering: WARNING: The components of an HPC Cluster can be very heavy. Some pre-assembled clusters are more than 2,000 lbs. Great care must be used when unpacking and/or moving a cluster or any of its components. Check For Shipping Damage Despite all attempts at safe and […]

RMAs: How to package compute blades

Half U boxes sent for compute node repair will have the following items inside them: Two white bases Anti Static Bag Grey foam slab Place the two white bases in the bottom of the box. Cover the compute node with the anti-static bag and place the compute node, top up, on the white bases. Place […]

RMA process – beginning to end

Once you have contacted ACT support concerning a failing device and an RMA has been created you will: Receive email notification the RMA was created. Receive email notification once the replacement part has shipped. Receive the replacement part and a return shipping label will be included in the packaging (or sent to you via email) […]

Example RMA Request

If you believe you have a faulty device and your system is still under warranty, this guide will cover submitting an RMA request. To start you can submit a support ticket at: http://advancedclustering.com/support/ticket.html Or you can email ACT support directly: support@advancedclustering.com Below is an example email containing all the important information needed to get an […]

IPoIB – Using TCP/IP on an InfiniBand Network

Existing applications can take advantage of the higher bandwidth and lower latency of InfiniBand by use of IPoIB, Internet Protocol over InfiniBand. When the driver for IPoIB is loaded virtual network interfaces are made visible to the operating system. These devices appear is if they were Ethernet device and can be manipulated in the same […]

InfiniBand Cable and Port Types

QSFP QSFP cables and ports are used to DDR (20 Gbps), QDR (40 Gbps), and FDR (56 Gbps) InfiniBand links. QSFP Cable The connector on a QSFP cable is long and narrow. The connector slides into the port. QSFP Port QSFP port are recessed openings. The QSFP cable slides into the port. CX4 CX4 cables […]

What are Machine Check Exceptions (or MCE)?

A machine check exception is an error detected by your system’s processor. There are 2 major types of MCE errors, a notice or warning error, and a fatal exception. The warning will be logged by a “Machine Check Event logged” notice in your system logs, and can be later viewed via some Linux utilities. A […]

Drivers: Distro vs OFED

Like all computer hardware, InfiniBand adapters need drivers in order to be used by the operating system. Most modern Linux distributions provide the kernel drivers, libraries, and support programs needed to have a functioning InfiniBand adapter. While functional, these may not be the best choice in all cases. When a new InfiniBand card, or firmware […]

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